Interview with Israel Ramirez

Interview with Israel Ramirez Sanchez (in Barcelona)

Israel Ramirez is the president of Ternikalo 21, which is a youth Romani organization from Barcelona, Spain.
According to Ramirez the main goals of the organization are to mobilise the Romani youth population in Spain and to integrate them into society. Further on he points out that it is of a great importance to change the picture of Roma in media, since they are in a great amount responsible for the negative image of the Romani population in Spain. He also touches upon the problem of education. Even today, many Roma people cannot read or write. Therefore, it is necessary that the government financially supports projects that would help the Romani people enter schools and successfully finish them. At the end he also states that there are some cities in Spain that have developed purely Roamani ghettoes, but in most of Spanish cities they are mixed with other immigrants.


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