Interview with Anna Mirga

Romanistan: Interview with Anna Mirga

This is an interview with young and lively girl, Anna Mirga, of Roma and Polish origin, who is currently living in Barcelona. She is talking about Roma proud that she’s been carrying within herself since she was born and which she is trying to share with other members of her people, encouraging them to open towards education and integration to modern society, but without loosing their Roma primordial identity.
Anna is trying to emphasize the role of a Roma woman in Roma family and society, explaining that the woman is the one that is responsible for transmitting the Roma culture to children in family.
She is the example of young, emancipated Roma woman, who is studing and travelling, meeting other cultures, but also strongly holds for her own, who is also trying to point out that cultural evolution and emancipation is equally important for both Roma men and women. It is important that women, having been the queens of Roma interior life, step out towards the “ outside „, the exterior life, where men have prior taken the lead.
This charismatic and strongly motivated lady, that is very well accepted among many Roma families in Barcelona, tries to inspire her people to learn, emancipate themselves and to take the equal step along with modern society and its‘ rules.

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