Interview with Cristobal Laso Silva

Romanistan:Interview with Cristobal Laso Silva


-Un festival de música gitana, será ávido y siempre no? , ya tiene una larga tradición aquí en España, en Cataluña hay festivales de música gitana pero especialmente el “flamenco”, sin embargo creíamos que era necesario hacer un festival de música gitana, abarcando a la música gitana a nivel Europeo, por eso este festival es una buena muestra, y por eso es importante que a partir de ahora, comience año tras año a haber un festival con carácter estable en el que puedan venir a expresarse las diferentes músicas y expresiones artísticas de las diferentes culturas europeas gitanas. (mehr …)

Interview with Violant Cervera (in Catalan)

Romanistan: Interview with Violant Cervera (in Catalan)

Mrs Violant Cervera is general director of department for civil affairs, within the Ministry for social protection, in the Government of Catalunya.
She is speaking about implementing the plan for integration of the Roma population into society, which started on year 2005. She mentioned the Romanistan festival, organized by FAGIC (the organization which is dealing with the Roma questions), for which she said that is very important and therefore supported by Government. (mehr …)

Interview mit einer Besucherin des Romanistan Festivals in Barcelona

Interview mit einer Besucherin des Romanistan Festival in Barcelona

Das diesjährige Romanistan Festival, das in Barselona stattfand, war eine erstklassige Gelegenheit, den zahlreichen Besuchern, das Leben und vor allem das kulturelle Schaffen der Roma aus der ganzen Welt zu präsentieren. (mehr …)

Interview with Anna Mirga

Romanistan: Interview with Anna Mirga

This is an interview with young and lively girl, Anna Mirga, of Roma and Polish origin, who is currently living in Barcelona. She is talking about Roma proud that she’s been carrying within herself since she was born and which she is trying to share with other members of her people, encouraging them to open towards education and integration to modern society, but without loosing their Roma primordial identity. (mehr …)