Interview with Violant Cervera (in Catalan)

Romanistan: Interview with Violant Cervera (in Catalan)

Mrs Violant Cervera is general director of department for civil affairs, within the Ministry for social protection, in the Government of Catalunya.
She is speaking about implementing the plan for integration of the Roma population into society, which started on year 2005. She mentioned the Romanistan festival, organized by FAGIC (the organization which is dealing with the Roma questions), for which she said that is very important and therefore supported by Government. Festival took place in Barcelona and it is promoting the Roma culture, which this lady also holds for integral part of Catalonian culture, because of the period of existance on the Catalonian ground. She mentioned some intentions for organizing this festival every year. The educational situation and conditions of Roma population in Catalunya was also mentioned. She explains 2 types of Roma men: one that do not have the education among their priorities, and even think that through education they would lost their Roma roots and their specific identity; and the other group, that realised the importance of education for integration into society. They educate themselves, and this group is the one that Mrs Cervera is trying to increase. She promotes the importance of the education among Roma population, firstly for the reason of easier job finding. She claims that there are no more racial discrimination in that area, and the only thing that really matters for finding a good job is the level of education. But she also admits that there are still those members of this population that are satisfied with the jobs, characteristic for Roma men in Catalunya. The video was taped within the EU project Romanistan. Crosing spaces in Europa.

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